ABOUT THE WEBSITE – Struck by Stride is a blog focused on the story of a distance runner (me) and how that story is evolving. After brain-storming for names, “struck by stride” stuck because of the relation to running and of how this passion was revealed.

ABOUT ME –  My name is Janel Zick. I started running after high school where I grew up – in a small town outside of Akron, OH. After graduating from college, I moved to San Diego, CA where I began my career as a massage therapist. Five years later, my husband’s job took us to Salt Lake City, UT where I am currently training and still working as a massage therapist.

I’m relatively sweet, but my sass and crass still poke through every once in awhile. My apologies in advance. I’m an all-or-none dreamer whose fear is the regret of never trying. “What if” isn’t something I can live with.

DISCLAIMER – I am NOT an expert. Please keep in mind that I am also learning as I go. I am happy to give advice about whatever I can, but I am not a coach. However, because of my experience and my thought processes, I’m usually pretty good at troubleshooting and throwing in new ideas.

Some of  my training and racing may seem unconventional and/or non-traditional. Part of my way of learning how to run fast is to test new ideas and build on what seems to have worked in the past with trial and error. I read a lot of books, have some guidance to keep me on the right path, and I’m constantly trying and experimenting to find the right formula for my body to perform at it’s best. My encouragement to the runner trying to progress is to question why you train the way you train rather than mimic how you see someone else training.