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Bonita 5k 2017

The 5k is my least favorite to race, but I consider it a good training session. These races definitely aren’t where my passion is, but I still have short-term and long-term goals for the 5k, and for this particular race, I wanted to PR with 18:38. I didn’t care about placing, but figured I’d probably be in the top 5, considering how small it seemed to be.

Location was great, parking was easy and plentiful, and weather was perfect. However, the start was slow going and seemed pretty unorganized for it’s 33rd year. Everyone lined up and got ready to go. I was very soon disappointed to find out that the course was not on the road/pavement, but on very fine gravel. I settled into second place creating a large gap between me and 3rd. The course was a loop around the local park, and with that also came the usual weekend morning pedestrian traffic you had to dodge. I wasn’t able to catch the leading female, who finished about 20 seconds ahead.

It was a good workout, but wasn’t the race I was hoping for in terms of the course. I was 66 seconds slower than goal time, but I knew it was largely due to the terrain. Shame on me for not checking out the course ahead of time (but really, I hardly ever do). Oh well. I finished in 19:44, 12th overall, 2nd female, and 1st in age group. Oddly, they said they didn’t do overall awards, only age group.

Based on the organization, course, and execution, this seemed like more of the “fun run” variety than a race. I wouldn’t pay $35 again for it, but at least the money went to the local run club.




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