Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

This was a pretty big upgrade for me from the 225 model. It still has the wrist-based HR feature, but now I can load my music on it, too! There’s lost of other stats on this watch that the 225 didn’t have like vO2 max and performance alerts, but I’m not comfortable trusting my watch (or any watch) that much. You can set up payments and text alerts on this watch, but I doubt I’ll use those features. I mainly got this watch for the GPS upgrade and the music feature.

Having a GPS running watch for miles and data is high on the runner’s gear checklist. I have always trusted and preferred Garmin over any other competing brands for accuracy, reliability, and durability. Plus, if you make a Garmin connect account, you can easily sync the data from your watch to your computer to track progress. It also gives you graphs of your heart rate, cadence, pace, elevation, and gives you a monthly view of what you did when. There’s so many tools on the site that I haven’t even tapped in to, but it’s one of the reasons why having a Garmin is so useful.

Don’t get overwhelmed with data, or become obsessed with it. It’s there to help you gauge your progress and help you improve, not make running miserable or steal your fun. For a few years, I only used my Garmin (different model) for miles and time. I didn’t pay attention to anything else. Only use what’s relevant for you at the time – it’ll keep your running real.

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