Rock the Canyon 10k

If the above photo looks like we are starting on a hill, it’s because we ARE! The first year for this race, I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted a 10k that wasn’t advertised as “fast” and “PR friendly.” I wanted it to be hard. According to the elevation chart on the website, it was shaped like a U, going down in the beginning and coming back up at the end. The course was way tougher than it looked.

    The organization and timing of the race was great, with a true distance course (sometimes that can be rare in smaller races). My upcoming marathon is relatively hilly so racing on some hills was what I needed.

    I paced myself pretty well with the beginning hill (6:30) and then tried to roll down with 5:34 and 6:17 as it “flattened” out. I was going by feel, but took the lead at this point. Second female stayed on my heels for about a mile until we started going uphill again. I slowed to a 6:54 and 6:43. My legs were trashed, but the burn was so good. I climbed the last mile in 7:55 and rolled the last .2 in at 1:08. I was very happy with how hard I worked and that I got my heart rate up to 205.

    It felt like such a good workout, and it’s definitely a race I hope I can do next year. Finding a course like this in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas is difficult – most are downhill bombs, and though I’m not totally opposed to downhill racing (see, it’s not my favorite.

    Cash prizes, along with gift cards and raffles were offered and kept on the schedule promised. Parking wasn’t an issue and it was easy to find. Though as it grows in number, I could see parking being a potential problem later on. But next year if you’re in the area and want a challenging race, this is the one.

    Final Stats

    Time – 40:55

    Overall – 6th of 114

    Female – 1st of 63


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