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Scripps Ranch Old Pros 10k 2017

Racing around Lake Miramar was so much fun – a flat, fast course whose windy turns made it impossible to get bored (who gets bored racing anyway?). There were a ton of people for a route on the narrower side, but I didn’t have any issues with being cramped. My goal average pace time was 6:05, but I also wanted to race by feel. Racing these shorter distances really helps me understand where I’m at physiologically and where I need to focus more in training.

Starting right on time, I picked out a few people I wanted to beat. The field was pretty competitive so I knew a podium finish wasn’t in the works. I decided my watch was for the data afterwards, not during this race. Things were feeling pretty smooth until just after halfway – perhaps I started just a little too fast. With no shade, it started to get pretty warm and my breathing labored. I knew I had slowed, but me and a few other guys had some fun leap frogging each other until the last mile. I sped up, but I didn’t have the juice to really go for it. In the end, they both ended up passing me.

I didn’t PR, but I put forth a hard effort and felt like progress was made. My lungs need cross-training and my form needs more work, but more importantly this race made me re-focus on my running goals. Lately, I’d been feeling like I was side-tracked but I couldn’t get why. But now I really feel ready to start training for New York.

My splits ended up being 6:07, 6:07, 6:09, 6:19, 6:22, and 6:07. Clearly, I could have raced a little smarter, but I enjoyed the lesson. I was 45 seconds slower than goal time with a 38:33. Maybe I’m a little “old school,” but I liked that they didn’t give you a medal for finishing. Only the podium finishers got medals. It makes it more meaningful for the winners…and it saves a ton of money…and how many finisher medals do you really need…

Final Stats

53rd of 1218 overall

9th of 555 female

4th of 57 in division


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