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SLCTC Winter Series 5k 2018

COLD! My first race in Utah and it was 30 something degrees. There were plenty of runners in shorts and a tank top, but I was clearly the wimp with my full leggings, long sleeve mock neck top, gloves, and ear warmer – and I was still cold.

The Salt Lake City Track club puts on a three-race winter series with a 5k, 10k, and 15k each two weeks apart. The course(s) are flatter than a fritter. I signed up for the series months ago, before my foot injury, so I had to significantly lower my expectations for myself. I had barely been able to run in the weeks leading up to it, so really all I wanted to do was get through it pain free.

During my warm up I felt a few twinges, but by the time everyone was lining up, I was starting to feel better about my foot. My first mile was alright, 5:56, but then my lungs were screaming no. Not only had I not been able to train but that also meant my lungs hadn’t been able to adapt to the elevation change either. 4,200 feet is a lot different than 200. My second and third splits were 6:23 and 6:26. What my legs never felt in burn was made up for in my lungs. I am out of shape and unconditioned, but my foot remained pain free, and I was/am pretty happy with that.

Final Stats

Time: 19:33

31 of 463 Overall

2nd of 239 Female


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