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“Sport’s Nutrition for Endurance Athletes” by Monique Ryan

It is important to understand that sports nutrition does not always coincide with generalized, everyday nutrition. “Eat to live” is a mantra that has become quite popular with the growing number of people becoming more health conscious. And it’s a good mantra, except when an athlete must “Eat to perform.” Sometimes it’s better to eat a bowl of white pasta or rice instead of trying to run a marathon on celery sticks.

If you’re looking to really delve into the nutrition aspect of your training, I recommend this book. Reading it cover to cover may be a bit dry, but you can skip a few chapters and just stick with sport specific topics if you want. Reading through charts and caloric numbers and formulas might also be overwhelming at first, but as you begin to apply the basic guidelines from the book, everything will make sense in your head. I was able to glean a good amount of useful information from the book.

Remember that anytime you up your intensity I training you need to pay closer attention to what is fueling your body to avoid burn out. Introduce any changes slowly and adjust to your own body’s needs.

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