Tracksmith Running Apparel

This brand is fairly well known within the running community. It’s classic style is tailored to the amateur competitive athlete. Made in the U.S.A. their apparel is top quality, and great customer service is obviously high on their priority list.

Scanning through the catalog, the prices may shock you but I promise – WORTH! Every single piece I’ve bought from them I love. That includes a few pairs of shorts, briefs, long sleeves, a bra – with a pocket, crop top, gloves, and mittens.

If you have to choose, I would opt for the cold gear line (if you do outdoor winter training). Quality gear in the harsh winter really makes a difference and helps keep you consistent. The spring/summer clothes are great too, but most of us runners wear as little as possible in the heat. I will say the race briefs are the most comfortable I’ve found.

They also have some nice accessories. I like their waxed canvass bag. Your order ships pretty quickly with updates along the way. Coast to coast, you should have your order within a week.

Again, I highly recommend trying out a few of their items. You won’t regret spending the money. Their size charts are accurate (free returns if something doesn’t fit), but you do have to look at the chart and measurements for each individual product. Don’t just see that you’re a medium in the singlet and assume you’re a medium for every other top. They offer gift cards, so if you don’t see yourself going on a shopping spree then keep them in mind when birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas roll around.