Body Weight Workout

Before I begin a training cycle, I make a new one of these, by including new exercises and back-burnering previous ones based on strengths and weaknesses. This is my current, at-home routine that I do twice a week.

Planks with arm rows for 1 minute
locust pose – hold for 1 minute
moving locust – scissor your arms and legs – 1 minute
Modified pushup hold – 1 minute
regular pushups – as many as I can
leg lifts – slow lower – 1 minute
oblique v-up hold – 1 minute on each side
jump squats – 1 minute
we have lift off
donkey kick hold – 1 minute on each side
single bent leg vertical squat – 1 minute on each side
It looks weird, but its HARD.
side planks – 1 minute on each side
single leg band exercises – triple threat – 30 on each leg
45 degree angle
straight back
single leg quad flex hold – 1 minute on each side
hamstring curls with a ball – 1 minute
side crunches on exercise ball – brace yourself – 30 on each side

ONE MORE TIME! I repeat the sequence.