ADI DAS! I don’t exclusively wear Adidas, but almost. Concerning shoes and athletic apparel, I love the brand, and I always have – for reasons starting with their shoes and then spreading into their quality and fit of clothing. But as running and racing became a bigger part of my life, I researched the company and became fascinated with the story.

The founder, Adolf Dassler, was an honest hard-working man, passionate about crafting the best shoe he could for the athlete. Between family drama, politics, and rising competitors, the Adidas brand has gone through a lot more than (I think) Mr. Dassler could ever have imagined. Initially, he wasn’t even on board with a clothing line. When he was convinced, he wanted to be clear that only sport “practical” clothes were to be manufactured and sold. He scoffed at the thought of starting a swimwear line because you don’t wear shoes in the water (his son, Horst started Arena anyway, but the company was sold in 1990). It was clear his priorities were in the shoe business.

From its humble beginnings as a family business that started in 1949, Adidas has grown into a multi-company corporation. In all of its 60 plus years of existence, I can’t say I’m ethically or morally on board with EVERY business decision Adidas has made, but as a whole, I trust the brand. Even though it’s not family owned anymore, it still seems to have Adolf Dassler’s “spirit” in it – the hard work and passion to deliver only the best. As a competitive athlete, I’m on board with that mindset.

Adidas shoes fit my feet and I like their sportswear, but I suppose you could argue that I can find another brand that suits my wants and needs. But I am a loyal consumer. When I find a brand that I like, fits my needs, and has meaning behind the name, I’ll stick with it. Adidas has deep roots – simple roots, honest roots. I like that. And it’s why I will choose Adidas over any other.