I’ve got the runs

Tempo – maybe my favorite, maybe. Done at a comfortably hard pace, they’re key to making my marathon faster. I try to push the pace, but also keep the splits even. If I’m coming off of a rest day the pace might be faster than one done in the middle of the run-week, but the goal (effort) of the workout remains constant no matter how tired my legs are. Depending on where I’m at in the training cycle, these runs are anywhere from 3-10 miles and once or twice a week.

Easy/Recovery – for active recovery and getting in the mileage. The body needs time to recover from hard workouts, more than just that half mile jog at the end of a session. These miles make up the bulk of my marathon training.

Intervals – The distance and number of reps will vary depending on what I’m training for and where I’m at in the cycle, but the shortest I’ll do is 400s and the longest, 3 miles.

Long – My long runs for marathon training vary a bit, but with purpose. They could be anywhere from 12-28 miles and either at a steady effort or easy pace – sometimes a mix.