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Jack-O-Smash 2016 15k

This was my first time running a “prep” race before a marathon. The intent was to practice pacing, see how my recovery regime was working, and get a little competitiveness out of my system before the marathon race. My last two marathons I got caught up in the racing aspect and went out too fast too soon to hit the wall hard. I had a 20-miler two days before this 15k prep race so I got to see how quickly I could recover.

After a cup of cheerios drizzled with Honeystinger gel, I left for the start line sipping some yerba mate. I had planned out what I wanted my splits to be beforehand. I didn’t hit a single one. My legs weren’t sore, but they were tired. The race also had 3,800 feet of elevation change that I didn’t expect. My hopeful splits are on the left; my actual splits are on the right.

Mile 1 6:50 7:04
Mile 2 6:45 6:37
Mile 3 6:40 6:34
Mile 4 6:30 6:32
Mile 5 6:20 6:34
Mile 6 6:20 6:50
Mile 7 6:20 6:51
Mile 8 6:20 6:41
Mile 9 6:10 6:36
Last .3 1:30 1:57
Total Time 59:45 1:02:21

As I said, the course was much hillier than expected, but no major climbs – just constant up and down.


I may not have hit my goal time, but I still feel like it was a productive race. Not a PR but it was a good effort on tired legs, and I was still happy with a 6:41 average pace coming off of a long run. The finals results were 5th overall and 1st female (it was a tiny race). I think this was beneficial for my marathon training, but we’ll find out soon!