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Coronado Valentine’s Day 10k 2017

Going into this race, I didn’t feel quite ready. My four week break from running was good, but I didn’t feel like I was back into a groove yet. I had had a few solid runs in training, but no noticeable progress in times, so I was anxious about whether or not I’d be able to snag a new personal best. My goal was something in the 38 minute mark.

Race morning was beautiful – sunny and a crisp 50 degrees. The chill in the air would disappear by the time the race got started at 8 am, but it still stayed relatively cool. When the race began, I was as prepared as I could have been. Hydrated, fueled, and warmed up, I took off at a pace a little faster than I could sustain to try and get some space. I settled into what I could tell was 4th female and began my hunt. I made it a point to focus on posture and breathing to steady my pace. The course was flat, but it was an out and back so the last mile and a half you had to weave through the 5k-ers who at that point were mostly walkers and strollers. Weaving through, I tried to pick up the pace, but was unable to close the gap. Giving a hard push for the finish, I crossed as fourth female in 38:04. I was happy with that (personal best), and despite my prerace anxiousness, felt like it was a good effort for my first race back. My official placings were:

18th overall of 910

4th female of 550

1st in age group of 87