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Live Well San Diego 5k 2017

I was getting tired of these short races. This was my last ditch effort to get my 5k PR down, and not a race I had planned on doing at the beginning of the season. The night before, as I was heading to bed, I realized that I was going to nail it – I just was. For once, my legs actually felt prepared for a 5k. So I rolled out of bed the next morning, got my crap together, mixed my Vega drinks, and left to find a parking spot at Balboa Park (which was about a mile from the start).

My warm up felt pretty good, jogging/walking to the starting area. I did some dynamic stretching, and was surprised at my level of flexibility. I hadn’t been able to kick that high for a few weeks. That made me get a little excited.

From past results, I knew this wasn’t going to be a competitive race, but that wasn’t really the point. In downtown San Diego along the waterfront, this course was flat, and more importantly, on the road. The starting corral wasn’t too bad and I was able to line up right in front. My first mile may have been a bit fast, but I was still feeling good throughout the second, so I didn’t care. Heavy breathing, long strides, strong kick-backs, I made those three, short miles count. Just before crossing the finish line, I started dry heaving. It’s one of my most satisfying feelings in training – working so hard that you exceed your lactate threshold. After catching my breath, I looked at the data and maxed my HR at 206. Hashtag, thumpthump.

Surprisingly, I started as leading female and ended as leading female. Competitive field or not, that usually doesn’t even come close to happening in 5ks for me. It was the sprinkles on my icing of my cake. My cake being the hard effort, and the icing my new PR of 18:25.

Final Statistics

1st female of 780

10th overall of 1348