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The 5 Stages of a Runner’s Injury

1. Denial

    Nope. You’re not injured. You just have this weird tightness on one side of your body. It will be gone by the end of the day…or maybe tomorrow…or the next day. But you’re totally fine. You’ll just spend a few extra minutes rolling. You’re definitely NOT injured.

    2. Anger

      Hell hath no furry! How could this have even happened?! Not only are you experiencing endorphin withdrawals, you’re being told that you’ve lost control over that “thing” you had total control of. AND, you don’t have time to be injured.  Your only solace is making it to the 99th level of the Fly Swatter Game.

      3. Bargaining

        Okay, you’ll take a few days off. But that’s ALL you’ll need. You reconfigure your training plan and make the extra time off “okay,” just before searching the internet for magic remedies and witchcraft herbs.

        4. Depression 

          It’s hopeless. All is lost and the world is over. The seriousness of your now defined injury has set in. You throw your dream journal in the kitchen sink and light it on fire. You’re never going to be able to run again.

          5. Acceptance/Recovery

          You’ve gained some perspective. Everyone has setbacks and disappointments. But that is all this is for you. You’re taking the necessary steps for a full recovery, and soon you will rise again. You spend your down time reading books like Born to Run and Netflixing inspirational sports movies.

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